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Top 20 App Features

  • Voice Recording
    Detailed notes, memos or verbal confirmations, the voice recording feature is a great add-on service for many users.

  • Photo Capture
    A picture tells a thousand words and by integrating images and photos instantly into the form, great value can be added in so many ways. Add a photo from the device camera or upload an image from the library.

  • Photo editor
    Not only can you take a photo using your device’s camera, you can instantly re-scale and move the image before integrating. View the image taken before submitting to ensure you are happy with the shot.

  • Drawing & Diagrams
    Draw maps including free hand and ‘snap to grid’ quickly and easily with this fully integrated feature. With or without background grid, the mapping features adds valuable information to appropriate reports.

  • Overlay Drawing
    Take the Drawing feature one step further with our image overlay feature. This enables you to draw over standard template backdrops. Overlay drawing is widely used in the medical and vehicle management sectors.

  • Time Stamp
    Automatically time stamp all events. Additional Time stamps can also be hidden thereby providing a check between “recorded” start times and “actual” start times.

  • GPS Tracking
    Save time adding addresses by clicking ‘Fetch’ and the integrated GPS locator populates your address fields. Integration with Google mapping services provides real time monitoring of agent location and job details.

  • In-Form Signatures
    Collect signatures from technicians, customers or consultants quickly and easily with a fully integrated signature solution. Signatures can then be embedded in the forms where required or kept purely as a record.

  • Compulsory Fields
    A big issue with paper forms is sections being overlooked or missed. This can be avoided by tagging a field as mandatory. The User will not be able to submit until all required sections are complete.

  • Lookup
    A very powerful feature enabling a field entry to ‘lookup’ a database and draw that information into the form. Scan a barcode or manually enter a field and product information, pricing and product images will be pulled into the form automatically.

  • Barcode Reader
    Use your mobile device to scan barcodes and if required, link the code to a database and pull down the necessary information. Product information, pricing, usage instructions and image can all be pulled into the form ready to use.

  • Copy From
    Use answers supplied in one part of your form to create questions for another. This is a powerful and adaptive feature that generates as it goes. Combine this feature with ‘Add Other’ and you get a self-generating form that actually evolves with time.

  • Photo Tagging
    Take a photo or pull an image from the device and then attach tags to the image that can then be searched from the management portal. Photo tagging is ideal for recording before and after shots or competitor activity in the field.

  • Conditional Logic
    Responsive intelligence adds a whole new dimension to your form’s efficiency. Deal only with relevant sections, open up new sections where further information or actions are required and let your form develop its own direction as the responses are provided.

  • In Form Calculations
    The in-built calculator performs calculations through the form, automatically saving time and ensuring all calculations are exactly right every single time.

  • Sequential Numbers
    Our sequential numbering feature is ideal for invoicing, receipts and quoting. Each new form automatically generates a new number. This can start from whatever number you chose.

  • Action Triggers
    Super smart integration enables action triggers. Email instant notifications if a particular answer is provided, automatically send contact details to marketing if a new account is opened. Send a warning notification to the Quality Manager if a fault is detected etc. Let our automation improve your response times.

  • Resources
    Our Resources section of the App provides a library of documents. You control the version from the Management Portal. Ensure all of your team have access from their mobile devices to Safety Documents, Material Usage Statement, Company Policies, Emergency Contact Details and so much more.

  • Add Other
    Give your forms complete flexibility and the ability to evolve with this great feature. In drop down lists or multiple choice questions, if the correct answer isn’t available, give your users the ability to ‘Add Another’ answer. The new answer can be for that form only or can be saved and be included in that response from now on.

Top 20 Managerment Portal Features

  • Dashboard
    Manage, monitor and report on all key aspects of your business in real time from anywhere in the world via your secure web-based management portal.

  • Forms
    Complete the same forms as are available on the mobile device directly from the Management Portal itself via a desktop, laptop or tablet computer

  • Agent Setup
    Create a New User and add levels of accessibility and instantly they are live and ready to go via the app anywhere in the world.

  • Catalogue
    Our catalogue feature enables a “look-up” function from the App to pre-stored databases. This enables for example, a bar code scan from the mobile device to pull down product pricing, information and images instantly and have those details integrated into the form automatically.

  • Job Creator
    Create a new Job, allocate the forms required, set the scheduled time and date and then add any notes. Job will appear on mobile device with all known information pre-populated. If you are sending multiple forms, the “Common Fields” section appears showing the common fields that only need to be entered once.

  • Job Dispatcherg
    Once a job is created, assign it to an agent. Status is monitored from Created to Assigned to Completed. This provides real time monitoring of the jobs assigned through to completion.

  • Resources
    Collect signatures from technicians, customers or consultants quickly and easily with a fully integrated signature solution. Signatures can then be embedded in the forms where required or kept purely as a record.

  • Location Tracking
    Keep track of your staff and paperwork with GPS Tracking all in real time. With a click of a button see what Jobs are being completed by what users, where and when and all mapped for you to further explore. See in real time regionally where business is being done.

  • Report Generator
    System automatically generates pre-built reports on a scheduled basis. Different reports can be built for different recipients from simple email advices through to 50 page full colour reports that look identical to reports you previously manually produced.

  • Auto Dispatch
    Once the Reports are built, they can be scheduled to automatically dispatched to different recipients at different times. Different responses in forms can also determine an auto dispatch for example an answer of “High Risk” in an assessment can trigger an automated email to the Safety Manager with a description of the Risk Level and a link directly to the Report.

  • CSV Report Tool
    An integrated Data Extraction tool is included to prepare a search on any data submitted and then filter. This information can be exported instantly to CSV with a simple click. For future ease, customised extract templates can be built and saved.

  • Integrated Workflow
    To support your business process, the form can change its status as it moves through your business process. The change of status can either happen manually or can be automated based on actions. A status change can also trigger automated email communications and can open up new sections in forms ready for additional information to be added.

  • Photo Stream
    Monitor what your field staff are seeing right from your desktop. “Before and After” photos, competitor activity, new opportunities all collected from the field in real time and presented on your Management Portal Dashboard. Combine real time data with images and get a strong feel for what’s happening in your business. All photos can be searched.

  • Photo Tagging
    Tagging the photos and images being collected enables our advanced search feature to be used. Our flexible, customised tagging solutions enables you to search and view photos and images from your library with ease. Tag your photo to Job Number, Date, Location or any other field of data being collected.

  • CSV Generator
    All data collected can be extracted to CSV with a simple click either one form at a time or full ranges of data based on your criteria.

  • HTML Reports
    The forms submitted can be viewed as HTML. This enables viewer sharing with third parties such as customers or suppliers. A link to the HTML provides the information as a web view.

  • XML Feeds
    The data submitted is also available as an XML feed enabling powerful integration.

  • API
    A full API has been developed for integration with third party software providers. Formitize integrates with more than two hundred other providers including Google, Xero, Capsule, Mail chimp, Wordpress and hundreds more.

  • Social Plugins
    Not only does Formitize integrate with all major social media services, we are also able to integrate your existing social media activity into the Management Portal. As a central point of communication, you can plug-in your twitter feeds, facebook updates, yammer conversations etc.

  • Form Analytics
    The dashboard can be customised to focus on what is important to you. KPI charting, performance results, invoiced amounts and so much more available to you in real time.

There are many other features to explore that will add great value to your documents.

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