PowerUp Charger Deals With Lack of MacBook Ports

PowerUp Charger Deals With Lack of MacBook Ports

Published on: 24-05-2017 | by Misty in PowerUp Charger, MacBook

Scott Collie Scott Collie writes this review for NewAtlas.com.

The latest MacBook and MacBook Pros might be nice pieces of minimalist design, but Apple has been widely criticized for the decision to opt exclusively for USB-C ports on its new laptops. Sure, you can splurge on a handful of dongles, but it's an inconvenient and messy way to make your machine compatible with existing accessories. The Homey PowerUp is designed to address the lack of connections with a design that integrates three USB-A ports into a charger.

Elegant Simplicity

Like all great pieces of Apple design, the PowerUp is elegant in its simplicity. Plugged into the wall, it works and looks just like the old Apple MagSafe brick power adapter, charging your shiny new laptop using the short USB-C cable that wraps around the unit and slots snugly into a cavity when not in use. But the real advantage of the PowerUp design lies in the three USB-A ports integrated into its body.

Other Uses

Not only do can they provide power for other devices that need charging, they can also be used to connect cameras, phones, keyboards and more without having to jerry-rig a messy network of dongles. Anyone who's tried to charge a phone, plug in a card reader and juice up their computer with only two USB-C (or one USB-C in the MacBook) will know the pain of carrying a bag full of shiny white dongles and adapters, so the appeal of a neat, single unit to do the same job is clear.

There are a few potential issues with the design of the PowerUp. For one, the 72-W output is down on the 87-W charger Apple supplies with the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, though it should be perfectly sufficient for charging a MacBook or MacBook Pro. The other thing that caught our eye was the design – the USB-C cable running from the charge brick to the computer is very short, so an extension cable may be required depending on your desk setup.

At the moment, Homey is seeking funding for the PowerUp on Indiegogo, where it's raised more than US$183,600. Given the initial goal was just $25,000 it's safe to say plenty of people are interested. Backers can reserve one for $79, making it the same price as the Apple charger.

Deliveries are expected to start in June this year. You can check out the PowerUp in the video below.

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