Mandatory Inspections App Provides Corporate Benefits for Businesses Worldwide

Mandatory Inspections App Provides Corporate Benefits for Businesses Worldwide

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SYDNEY, Australia December 2014 – The creators of Formitize have launched a new paperless tool – Mandatory Inspections App. This software is fast becoming a popular choice for managers and administrators in the inspections industry as it provides so many amazing benefits for all levels in their organizations.

Inspections are inherently mandatory for some businesses and certain companies engage in providing inspection and surveying services for third parties. For these firms, the inspection process is the lifeline of their existence; thus, they need a tool like Mandatory Inspections App to speed them along the way.

What Mandatory Inspections Can Do

These businesses can expect plenty of benefits with their investment in the Inspection Apps. To summarize, the entire inspection process becomes more efficient, accurate, and transparent for the company and its clients. This is all thanks to the enterprise mobility that the app makes possible for inspection companies worldwide.

Specific Things to Look Forward to from the App

Here is a list of improvements to the company’s workflows and organization that the AIBS App can bring to the firm:

1. Accurate and timely reporting
The app eschews the outdated paper-based reporting that these inspection companies have been implementing in the past few decades. Instead, companies are given the opportunity to use a paperless reporting process – expected to turn reporting processes into more accurate and timely systems.

2. Append graphs and diagrams into the forms
The Apps for Inspections is a powerful tool that allows any mobile workforce the capability of being able to draw diagrams and graphs on to the form itself using their mobile device of choice. Using a graphic pen and the available templates that come with the app, employees can easily come up with comprehensive and detailed reports complete with graphical representation of vital data.

3. Official-looking reports
Now, employees can send official-looking reports back to the office with the In-Form Signature feature of the forms. Just like the previous capability, one simply uses a Graphic Pen and the mobile device’s touch-responsive screens to draw their own signatures into their reports. The businessman can benefit from this as well, enhancing their own professional image in the eyes of their clients with their professionally done and digitally signed reports.

4. Enhanced document access
Document access is significantly enhanced, thanks to the app’s Resources E-Library feature. Through this, members of the company’s organization can have 24/7 access to requisite documents using their laptop, desktop, and mobile devices.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “With the use of Mandatory Inspections App’s digital forms, members of the surveying teams can send reports instantly back to headquarters by simply filling out the forms using their mobile devices. In addition, the app also gives business organizations the capability to schedule report submissions so that everything, including client reports, are sent and received on their appropriate schedules.”

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