Formitize Unveils Five Amazing New Features in Latest App Version Release

Formitize Unveils Five Amazing New Features in Latest App Version Release

Published on: 08-07-2014 | by Misty in paperless, mobile forms, digital forms, electronic forms

SYDNEY, Australia July 2014 – The makers of paperless App Formitize announces the release of its latest update – Formitize v1.99K – with more new and user-friendly features unveiled along with the new version. As part of the Formitize Product Development Team’s commitment to ensure Formitize remains the world’s technical leader in the mobile forms and data collection space, an exciting feature pipeline is constantly rolling out through Q3 and Q4 2014.

Formitize July 2014 release V1.99K provides the following new features:

1. Website Link to open a URL site from within the App

HTML Link Fields allow you to automatically open any URL or website page from within the App. Select the desired link from the dropdown and the website opens automatically inside the App.

There are many applications for this. A technician completing their work order can link straight to a supplier catalogue page for model numbers. A chemical spraying team leader, while completing his chemical usage record, can link straight to the weather page for wind direction and temperature logs. A salesperson completing his sales order can link straight to the company pricing matrix for up-to-date pricing and discount rates. A tradesman preparing his quotation can link directly to the suppliers pricing page. A resource document or policy can be viewed through content paths to your own servers. Users can even open a link in the mobile forms to a resource document in the Resource e-Library; thereby, viewing the resource document from the digital forms without leaving the paperless form.

2. Import Resource Images into Advanced Drawing Tool

Users can import photos from the camera or device library and access images from the resources section of the Formitize App and pull them into the advanced drawing tool. There are a billion examples for how this can be used. For instance, an electrician arrives on site to prepare a quotation but doesn’t have the floor plan. From the office, the floor plan is added to resources under the ‘Floor Plans’ category folder. The mobile device syncs and the floor plan is now available on the electrician’s iPad. He pulls the floor plan into the advanced drawing tool so that he can draw on the plan, drag power socket icons from the legend into the correct locations, and the quotation is completed quickly. He hits “submit” on the App and the customer receives a 4-page fully branded quotation together with a floor plan layout with all elements added.

3. Auto-fill Text Boxes from Integrated Database

If your database is linked to Formitize, the digital forms now include an auto-population feature by accessing the database in sync. So, if you are completing an order for an existing customer, when you start writing the customer’s name in the customer field, the search will start populating with matching names until the correct customer is identified. Click on the pre-populated customer name and all of the other contact fields such as customer number, address, phone, and other contact details will auto-populate. So much time saved.

4. Update Databases from the Form

Once a customer has been added, if they change their mobile number, the next time the correct mobile number has been entered, the mobile forms can automatically update the database. Another great example for this is recording site visit statistics. The “Last Date Visited” data field can be automatically updated in the database with the inspection date submitted in the current form – perfect for Asset Inspections and Audits – fast, accurate and all in real time.

New customers can also be added to the database from the digital forms so the next time you start to enter their name, all related details will auto-populate. The database is accessible across all electronic forms in the account. You are able to customize the structure of the database for export at any time with the integrated CSV Customization tool.

5. Two-Way Xero Integration

Xero is an easy-to-use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses. Xero has everything business owners and managers need to run their business, including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, reporting, and much more. Formitize’s powerful, new two-way integration with Xero Accounting Software offers huge benefits for anyone using Xero. Formitize – making paperwork, paperless!

Explore the latest features that Formitize offers in the latest version of this paperless app. Take our tour today!

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